Membership FAQs

1.  What is Mega Kulim Pharmacy rewards programme?
This is a programme specially tailored for our valued customers to enjoy a variety of member privileges.

2. How do I apply?
You may walk in to any Mega Kulim Pharmacy outlet, show your MyKad to
Mega Kulim Pharmacy staff and they will proceed with registration.

3. Is there any requirement to apply membership?
Customer who is 18 years old and above is eligible to apply as member.

4. Do I need to pay annual fees?
No, the membership is free for life.

5. How long does it take for my membership to be activated?
The membership will be activated immediately after the registration.

6. What can I do if I forgot to bring my MyKad during the transaction?
You may provide your MyKad number or your name during transaction if you forget to bring your MyKad.

7. Will I be able to enjoy all members benefits instantly after getting my membership ?
Yes, the membership will be activated right after the registration.

8. How do I earn points ?
For every RM1 worth of purchase (exclusive 6% GST), members earn 1 point.

9. How could I use the points earned?
Points earned can be redeemed in your next purchase at Mega Kulim Pharmacy at the conversion rate of 200 points = RM1.

10. What products can I redeem with my points?
Points accrued may be redeemed as cash equivalent in your next purchase of any item at Mega Kulim Pharmacy.

11. Can I transfer my points to other member’s account?
No, transferring the points to other member’s account is not allowed.

12. How can I check my overall point?
You may check your overall point at any Mega Kulim Pharmacy outlet.

13. May I redeem goods with the combined point accured in different membership cards owned separately by me, my friends and relatives ?
No, the membership card is designed for individual use by the card member only.

14. Are goods redeemed with points returnable?
No, however it can be exchanged with items of same value.

15. Can I convert the points accrued into cash and withdraw it from my account?
Withdrawal of cash is not allowed from your account.