Mega Kulim Pharmacy Loyalty Programme FAQ


1) What are Mega Kulim Pharmacy Membership Points ?


Membership points are rewards earned by customer through purchases in any of the branch in Mega Kulim Pharmacy or through online purchase at our official website. These points are part of our loyalty program designed to appreciate and reward our valued customer


2) How does Mega Kulim Pharmacy Membership works ?


Mega Kulim Pharmacy is FREE lifetime membership which allow a member to earn member point and enjoy exclusive deal at Mega Kulim Pharmacy outlets.


3) How can I earn Mega Kulim Pharmacy Membership points ?


Mega Kulim Pharmacy members will be able to earn 1 point for every RM1 spend at any Mega Kulim Pharmacy outlet.


4) How can I redeem the points earned ?


All points must be redeemed in a minimum block of 400 points. Points earned can also be used to redeem exclusive product for free or at a special price with every 400 points.


5) Do Mega Kulim Pharmacy Membership Points Expire ?


Yes. All Mega Kulim Pharmacy Membership Points will expired in 24 months from the date of points issued upon purchase. Any unused points after 24 months will be deducted from the current points of the member.


6) How can I check my Membership Points ?


You can easily view the your Membership Points by logging into Mega Kulim Pharmacy account via website or mobile app. You may also walk in to any of Mega Kulim Pharmacy branches to check your membership points.


7) What happens to my Membership Points after they expire ?


Expired Membership Points will be deducted automatically from your account. We encourage you to utilize them before the expiration date.


8) Can I transfer my Mega Kulim Pharmacy Membership Points to someone else ?


Mega Kulim Membership Points are non-transferable and linked to individual account. Membership Points are unable to be gifted or exchanged with other individuals.


9) Are there any measures ensuring the privacy protection of the personal information ?


All personal data submitted will remain confidential and secured, with your contact detail utilized solely by Mega Kulim Pharmacy for promotional purposes.


10) Can I terminate my membership account with Mega Kulim Pharmacy ?


You may drop an email to feedback@megakulim.com.my to submit a request on account termination. Membership account will be terminated within 30 working days upon